Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kindness is a Rake

Even under a merry morning sky
Her mind drags its shirt tails through gray slurry.
Best medicine - work, she thinks and 
The yard offers her a blanket of leaves.
Rake in hand, she starts at the sidewalk.
It's a slow transfer, this brittle, brown tide
crawling toward the street, still
Worry chafes her shoulders.

He just shows up, 
Blind to the melancholy under her rake.
He fixes instead on his favorite fall ritual - 
Can I help? with kind chatter, contagious.
Now the sycamore and maple surge swells 
With ample energy to waylay her troubles.
Gloom tumbles with every tarp load to the front ditch.
Soon two rakes return to the shed, and

Thank you - her prayer to him.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sanity Has a Pocket

My back pocket fills with moons
Orbit as friend, and I’ll choose well.
I stand beside you, we touch crowns,
Stars chase us, our penumbras race ahead.

Orbit as beloved, maybe I’ll choose again.
Heroes rise like cream with a little agitation
While shadows cross penumbral paths,
We wait for what was here all along.

Heroes rise like dreams with a little work.
Now we come to save the day!
It wants for nothing, safe already.
Best hang travail behind the favor.

Here we are to save the hero!
I stand beside you, we touch tongues.
Ready to kiss the shadows away,
My back pocket fills with galaxies.