Saturday, May 31, 2014

Arpeggio in Fifths

- "and in my wild heart what did I most wish to happen to me." - Sappho

Swing you heavy door behind teeth and tongue
Slip into Habibe
You song of Veronica
Tupelo rose of mad
Ecstatic lyric in fifths
In lazy samba
Gather skirt 'tween fingers and thumb
Climb each rung
As slick in shadow
As in summer fog
Rise in adagio

Shimmer you elegant orchid canopy
You sweet capitulation
Net this shy cosset
Like swallowtail and birdwing
Mercy give mercy
Quake calm
 Under heaps of tight curls
Under heavy lids
I run for cover as
Your eyes find mine
Dive for andante 

Ring you tangerine canyon
You seismic syncopation
Rock my hips my shoulders
Tremble in Richter scale
A fluted pulse to slake thirst
Like apples and tea
And amethyst and filigree
And Saturday half past ten
Deep deeper
I delve a velvet interlude
Surge in allegro 

Spin you endless of dance and stumble
You dark Rati Maa
Dispel dilemma like cats
Shake off calamity
Soaking sheets, salty lips
Temerity of cobalt
You complete me
With mirror perfection
Folded beneath jasmine
Behind myrrh
Ascend to presto 

Echo you silhouette of  blue heron
You rising moon
You Pegasus climbing
One two three
Simple evidence
Honeyed day
Life's palace delectu
 I ripple in red tides and rain
Habibe is sundogs and
Fingers along backbone
Divinely legato

Saturday, May 17, 2014


It could be like chocolate milk
Like Yoohoo soda
Lay on the tongue
Find bubble of heart dance
Use the recipe
Easy as pecan pie
Forget the sugar
Just be good to me

Today there are only buck-thorns
To bring the pennies from heaven

Who who who
Says now for then
For this place on the good red road
Around the corner
Between the coffee spills
Wednesday brings Sunday

Maybe five seasons cold
Is all you need to see Shiva
Loud with light and laughter
Maybe the sleep of seven moons
Is all the dark one need weep
For gardens to break with bounty

We run with the hounds
Of curiosity for the bulls
Howling like coyote 
Crooning in barred owl
Even so

Waves of goose-flesh
Kiss 5 AM
Awakened between chapters
Ground to azurite dust
The very gravel of first borns
The very sass to climb Gibraltar
To gaze back
Survey our progress
Bringing water home

Turn now
Open permission.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Motherswell of Love Dance

-- to our progeny

It seems a plausible imperative,
(she tells us) 
trust yourself  -  ride the intuition.

It will wake you at 3 am, mercurial
as an infant still in womb time.

Unannounced - it can take your breath
like the Tower card from Waite Ryder,

all those flames and falling bodies.

Trust yourself to just exhale.
See, winter passes,

(she’s rolling now)

it's 85 outside - we're between jet streams.
Trust yourself – just be naked sometimes –
turn up in a favorite dream.
lead with your belly, walk with Ursula
rising from nap time. She's ravenous, grumpy.
(so are we)
When we lumber into the stars of summer,
we'll suck on bones of worry -a marrow that kicks like sin.
(she pauses)

Trust yourself - it's in the water,
this love dance of fractals, this swirling Troposphere
weeping mercy onto deserts of Somalia and Djibouti.

Its gift is fresh gumption -
lifts wings and floods flight paths with all the usual suspects -
poets and children, red knots and butterflies.

And oh! The horseshoe crabs -
such ceremony in a May arrival,
their motherhood, blind treasure of foam born
in neap tides washing up in an endless line.

Just like that 
(snaps her fingers)

trust yourself to be in step with our critical mass.
You - pebble launching a thousand avalanches,
                                   a thousand miracles.

Now ride Sally ride!