Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mickey's Bradford Blooms

(formerly Precious)

Mickey’s Bradford pear is blooming
concrete deep in Central Harlem.
In a place where graffiti is weedy.

Where precious is knowing biota
from asphalt, knowing the chestnuts
ripe for roasting or redbud too phobic to flower.

Trees are sentinels with seasonal wardrobe.
Today Mickey’s sentry stands brave and blooming.
A feast for the eyes of its beholder.

There may be no dandelions, so savory in salads.
See where brave got them. There, a dauntless ginkgo
kinks sidewalks; crabgrass, its fringe partner.

What every plant knows, stealth never sleeps,
and up the Hudson, dogwood winter has wolfed
a billion blossoms - we’ll feel that loss in June.

Today, the subterranean chitters a pulse from Central Harlem.
Just off Madison Ave, white confetti lavishes the April breeze.
Bloom you Bradford Pear, bloom!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Michael's Gyre

(previously Micheal's Dervish)
Let’s whirl a yellow sky, gowned in gossamer,
laced up in thunder. Let's hold the rumble, 
just to tumble - Habiba’s milky heart.
Let’s burn hot, be spent like blackened fields.

Laced up in thunder, let's hold the heat,
seed heads popping with epiphany.
Let’s burn hot, be spent like Saturday night.
We’ll raise a murder of crows, a heckle of dragons.

Seed heads swelling with wizened codes.
The Vesper bells, pearls of Cantos.
We’ll feed a murder of crows, a fold of tigers.
We’ll bleed clouds, weave them into magic carpet.

The Vesper bells, opals of cantata.
Let’s be the summons for gentle rain.
We’ll bleed clouds, weave them into love charms.
Spin ecstasy to spread over shadow.

Let’s be the summons for gentle days,
be light dancing, dappled beneath green canopies.
Spin ecstasy to spread over sadness.
A yellow sky swings us widdershins.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

What the Oak Told the Cicada - 2015

Be at home in the heart, ballast for brittle hides,
make ledges of light your springboard to providence.

Be at home with the hunger, let it shake you,
be at home for the mercy, scuttle it's fine edge.

When you fly, follow warmth, avoid chickens,
sip a dappled breeze, and never lament.

Be at home in the peace, marry shadow 
with dream, join its long name:

Mother's Milk 
Lemon Balm 
Red Tide
Boney Night 
Mourning Dove 
Fish Bones