The Ariadne Passage

for my nieces

enter matrimony Wide eyed
how delirious love may start
hold Spring in your belly
keep summer in your Heart

sleep with earth and heaven
what fills the space between?
your lightning and your thunder
or the Satisfying rain?

making Mate a Mirror
we see what we project
the lake looks up into the sky
the clouds and sun reflect

remember Ariadne who
held Tightly to her thread -
tethered it to Theseus
to help her Keep her head

somewhere in the Middle
a monster greets his kin
you’ve dreamt this Passage countless nights
met the ancient one within

it’s not the pink and comfy times
that give us fullest measure
bonds born among Insufferable days –
emerge like Sacred Treasure

and any woman who’s labored long
to have the sweetest child
knows deep love comes of Beastly times
when hearts ring out so wild -

Maybe marriage is a maze
indeed a risky venture -
so pearls come from irritant
and honey fruits from labor

With some luck – you find your Self
the golden apple from the start
there is no Better legacy
in matters of the Heart-

now be the river singing
a rill so long and clear
be the stream bed – hold your line
be strong and loose and here!


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