Moon Dark to Moon Bright - 1

My feet led me to the woods loop out my back door. The wood thrush serenaded us all under the rich green canopy of oak and hickory and sourwood. Finally I plopped down right down right in the middle of the trail and wrote:

77 that's my number this month, crosses with craned necks - whooping crane month in the middle of the year in the middle of the summer. But moon is new today - a start to something - even in the middle.

I am the start of a family, a family begat by Alphonse and Althea - a new lineage of old world spooning with new world as woman spoons with man. So many opportunities to err in the name of bold beginnings - if we get so much wrong, there are so many ways to begin again and again, endless creation- buds bursting open to spray the world with beauty. Step here, not there - new dance; touch this not that - new embrace; think this not that - new dreams; living beyond the lines and within them. Such expansion - big bang!

They made this family with lots of daughters in a man's world - daughter walked in as if there were sons and more. Today women are the new men - bringing in a world with strong soft edges - the best way to accommodate these crowded conditions - 6.5 billion and growing, for the moment. Maybe we begin this moon's begetting with bringing out our best self. Stop waiting for this leader or that heroine. Be the hero and heroine we have been waiting for. Be the prophet and the healer and the brilliant mind. Be the gentle comforter, the nurse and the caregiver. Be the gardener, the huntress, the gatherer. Be the world and the moon and the stars.

And be 7 - pointing left of middle. Find home right here in us, right now.


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