I might appear decisive.
Ideas resting akimbo, black on white
framing passage to the emerald kingdom.
Can I give you a sure thing, some solid ground?
Don’t count on it, no need -
If uncertainty frames each portal;
then as flower finds fog, melding edges incessantly hued,
we court vibrations that triangulate me
with you and you and you -harmonizing wavelength.
We lift each other up.

I could rise from sodden sediments
bare breasted as a sycamore,
the one down the gravel drive.
She pulls water droplets from the deep rock pores,
gives them a penthouse view,
opens her lips and pushes them out.
They connect with brothers and sisters.
We see cumulus clouds -water laid landlocked for centuries,
one rootlet closed the hoop.
We lift each other up.

I could sit like frog with eyes bulging
above a rippled surface, meditating on digestion.
Until in one violet flash, a horny dagger,
we never saw coming, drags us up and out -
tosses us down a rose gullet to a dank acrid pit.
Hell… we cook beyond done in foul yellow juices.
cook to molecules, deconstructing our sleek frogness,
reconstructing with shaggy feathers, stilt legs.
Now to break open the air in one motion,
a woman,a frog with wings.
We lift each other up.

Love says,
“Let me deliver you this instant!”
But I don’t long for deliverance just now.
Fold up those cozy red blankets, let me sit sullen for a little longer.
Let me grind my teeth,my aching jaw will remind me
when it’s my stomach turn. Let my gut clench
one muscled band over another
again and again.
NO exhale…holding my breath I can stop the world!
Stop the world -
only to find black and white are kin.
Add a pinch of light and rainbows lead the push up a Sisyphus hill.
And when I neglect the rock,
I inhale and love enters.
We lift each other up.

-rm mist
revised 2012


Judyth Hill said…
Lynn, this is an exquisite poem!Your reverent wildness is a crash course in Beautymaking.....holding the world in luscious, lucid, Goddessmind....yowza....powerful.....all the way on. Poesiaxxxxxxxj

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