you decided to say yes
and sensed now
and believed possible,
this road is yellow brick

you say yes
just so luck
will unwind from
bone and tendon
it felts new geography
like moss to stone

and now
yes twins no
work twins play
bliss twins sorrow
all side by side
kith and kin

when you find river
yes rims the banks
it rides a downpour
fills the well
and rises
deep and clear

worry is an old cat
let it nap in the sun
what vexed you
drink like silver song
how dusty a traveler you were
now you open like a door
hinges oiled – it’s ok        
life is ready and vast
a kudzu invasion
a mayfly hatch
each moment a menu
today is hungry
a Serengeti plain
and your legs are long
wings wide - don’t wait
kiss the road of yellow brick
make it yours with yes.


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