Missing Pluto Again

Crowing glory glory, we expected
to float back all together,

even raced to be first
to ford the asteroid riffle.

Like children reaching in glee
fingers and arms wide as

rice paddies, we embraced
the flood of song pouring in

like stardust off the tongues
of dancing galaxies- but we lost

Pluto – even before the chorus began;
before we could ask IAU to reconsider

what makes a planet; before we could
implore 134340  to bring its moon home,

convince it  that turning in a slow whirl
like a dervish around the sun

is better than flying wild with legs
clutching an icy braid of comet tails.

But they don't hear us,
they're already three billion miles

gone and outside we notice
the stars have never been so bright.


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