Dream to Dreamer

The dream wakes, wakes and shuffles
down the stairs- pours a cup of Joe.
Sugar stirs up a silly tune- sings
hey now, my girlfriend's back.

Upstairs, smelling the coffee
dreamer shakes her head, finds
an echo to the walls - my, my, my
my girlfriend's back.

Dream to dreamer, where’s the cream?

Dreamer drifts on wobbly knees,
follows the aubade's aroma.
Dream to dreamer, let’s rise ready -
let’s be ocean and sky.

Let’s be aroma, let’s be song,
A chrysalis of sweet déjà vu. 
Dream to dreamer, let’s quit the queue,
let’s be the quest. 

Dreamer wants to follow cosmonauts,
lifting white arms, smelling of Stoli's;
she banks with the morning star, waves

as dream shuffles on, sipping java. 


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