Crawling Inside a Poem

Wake up heart! – Judyth Hill

Wake up!*
Really? It’s been such a night and the sheets hum with dreams.

You’ve slept too long in the iron bed of yearning,*
So sturdy, don’t fuss, it's good for the back.

You’ve slept too long,*
There you go again - just spoon a minute.

The bed clothes are slovenly,*
Six hundred count Egyptian cotton never disheveled, try again!

Get up and make the bed of a heart,*
First, find the heart of a bed, tucked in.

The alarm has gone off,*
Hickory dickory, push the snooze, put the clock away.

What time is it?
It is now and you are late!*
Never now is always late – go ask Alice. 

Ha! I can’t be late for now, you say*
Ha! never late is always now.
Moons stacked to the sky - climb on,

We’ll greet the sun!
That’s right!*

*from Wake up heart! By Judyth Hill 


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