Today color found me first.

From a quicksilver of coyote and crow,
the baby blue light whispers,
it's a good place - splash down, start here.

Something wants to be busy
as I breathe in ribbons of dawn,
listen to rain's heartbeat. 

It's a day littered with mustard seeds,
launching vast synergies
of proper magic - so green, so sturdy. 

I fall in love with the thin vines
that trellis a west window, teeming
with jade hearts and moon flowers, 

their alabaster fingers
fan into hands like poems.
I reciprocate, palm to palm, 

until miracles volley between us,
ricochet with simple grace.
Kismet brings me to this worship place.

Today color swells with surges,
rings my ankles, begs - wade in,
swim the ruddy broth, glissade

this liquid skin, pump invisible tides
with feathered arms across
saffron pollen and pink song.  

Here is a rowdy child, all set to play
beneath Pendleton blankets
and ladder-back chairs. She bangs pots

of brazen mettle, of Avalon, of divine plan.
she has no lovers to follow,
because the beloved is everywhere:

the curl of water, of summer hair,
the bite of January and blue cheese,
the fine ruckus of a guinea’s red dirge.

It's ours too. Let’s commence
with caramel intuition and azure
resolve, let’s bleed in laughter. 

Trust enough to barrel roll
in thunderheads, in nettles –
lose our breath, get lost, come hungry. 

Mother ocher will feed us,
brother twilight guards the door.
This mulberry moment runs north.

Color says, bloom here.


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