Secret Big Top

“A secret about the One who has made us all – nuts” –Hafiz

Have you seen her?
Not the one foam born,
yes, center pole for our family big top
rising from the froth of babies
born from the cosmic swirl
of our clan’s own creation myth,
wherein it is told
Lilith and Eve took Adam
and Lucy teased Ricky
and Jane hung out with Tarzan
and Amelia courted Alphonse.
Our creator is a late bloomer
full of holly berries and turmeric
crusty with November mud
wafting long in moments
of frying onions and cedar shavings
of vanilla and Chanel.

She's breaking hearts now
wailing in C# to see if
the world is still vulnerable to her charms
yowling at Venus instead of the moon
stirring dreams like they were typhoons
of fractals hatched from the push of blue wings.


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