- for lulu

On the day you were born,
Ell Pond must have brimmed
to tickle all the toes
of elm and fir, their limbs
dripping with dew and finch chatter.

Must have tickled you too.

I want to hear you giggle
like the summer day, you and Ernie
dived for haddock, already hooked once
and tossed out by fisherman
because they loved your laugh.

Like the chowder, necessary nurture -
like the sea to float a family
shore to shore -  see, even life boat.
I imagine it could run with
the tide, maybe even run amok.

Love how it splashes everything.

How it touches us with a light
twinkling like Mars and Jupiter,
chasing the moon.  Let's suppose
there’s no need to dive for fish again,
when the gift is in the giggle.


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