Solstice on a New Moon

There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen

Why are we given this long night when the world stands still?
If we shadow maples and hickories, our bodies long and reaching,
If we make birds the oracles and sky a Holy Grail,
Make a family feud into crow antics, let worry lift into clouds of starlings.
We might stop dwelling on what holds us down.
Trees in their subterranean sleep, dream of finding a sun.
Of spraying pink dawn with bright leaves.
At midnight we hear deadfall crashing nearby,
                                             and know it’s the old falling off.
Healing, releasing pain, and what remains is green and vital.
Breath and love the magic elixir –
Breathe in crystal melodies, breathe out fever;
Breathe in sandalwood, breathe out mishap.
If we listen to the darkness, beneath roots of winter trees,
There is music humming in the bright silver string
That connects us to the heart of the world and to each other.
Look out and look inward, count our lucky stars,
Our boon of bread and soup, our hot mulled wine.
Steady into Yuletide, we enter with a new cold moon,
On a night rimmed with amethyst, ready to crack open.


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