Ode to my Horoscope in Five Parts

Day 1
Mercury Pluto conjunction. You might wake up believing you are in possession of the ultimate solution to save the world but you can’t seem to get anyone to listen.

No doubt 
Obama got the same message.
And Hillary
And Kim Jong-un 
And my mother
It blows in fresh from dream dimension
Where all is soft clay, blank canvas, new score,
of course we can save the world.  First possession,
grit and truth under our nails.  Stardust and cobwebs.
Mercury has perched in the maple.  He’ll relay our allegiance
To his far brother. I pledge allegiance to the woodlands, 
to their cloud conjuring prowess, 
their cleansing alchemy, their largesse. 
Seems very ultimate, we’ll plant 50,000 trees.
I pledge allegiance to permaculture, I’ll chop wood and carry water.
Surely it’s the pace that presses us into problem. 
Pluto is behind this reinvention.
Make it no secret!
I pledge allegiance to the shrinking icecaps.  They’ll raise the water,
Wash away our sins and our cities. Baptism of the nth degree. 
Nice rehearsal, before the sun hits the slats. 
And it’s a fool that steps up to the Launchpad.
Day 2
You’re overdue for respite from the hectic pace of your daily life.  But might not experience any relief today.

This is what hurry looks like
The race of storm clouds, filling empty blue sky
The rush of hornets angry about a bump of nest
The flash of red water down a desert canyon
The flush of blood to my cheeks when I feel you near.

So don’t bother with the respite, stars and moons
This lovely briskness to life is vinegar in the honey
It soothes the dirge of duty
I’ll be satisfied to fill hectic out today
Hurry to collapse.

Day 3
You’re waiting for something big to happen, yet whatever it is remains out of reach.

Magic is afoot if only you believe
State of purple mind
Mind of milky heart
Heart of solid proportions
Proportions of daily measure
Measure in ample time
Time graces the lucky
Luck is the potion of the foolish
Fools have magic in abundance
Abundance slips back under my pillow.

Day 4
Loved ones come to the rescue today, encouraging you to shrug off any self-limiting talk.

Hypersensitive cancer full moon on thunderstorms
Rumble with bad indigestion
Fever chills the whole caboodle
Earth has a case of the human flu
Spring peepers chirp at Christmas
A healing song, best medicine
Rain wants to make everything better
Perhaps without mudslides in El Salvador

Day 5
Taking care of chores, you should have done yesterday, will be less burdensome.

Still chores
Still palaver
Still in duty
Still in love
Still listening to Beethoven
Still amazed
Still wind in the trees
Still squirrels on the feeders
Still shadows receding
Still moments of regret
Still bringing resolution
Still bringing curiosity
Still finding satisfaction
Still another line to read
Still another moment to dream
Still parts to welcome
Still souls to greet
Still seeking balance
Still finding home
Still laughing out loud
Still making a plan
Still making a practice
Still watching
Still forgetting
Still forgiving
Still being here
Still being here
Still being here


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