The music is defined by the silence between notes
The light, defined by shadow, I live in your story.
Wrapped in winter sky under that voluminous missionary,
it is told all are one.
Whole in its brilliant breathless hoop,
the sun kindles our need for closure.
For if we don’t shut the door, how can we open it again?
How can we unbury our heart of secrets,
turn the truth inside out?
All is one, all is one, all is one -
the bones of our existence exposed:
icy lip of river, murmurations of cirrus
deep miles of frozen tracks.
Here we find what truly supports us,
the muscle and sinew of our days -
revelation to transform rusted fender
into feathered wing, to transpose
painted canvas into anthem or dirge,
the mettle to welcome pause and shadow.
All is One, You and Me, Inevitable -
let’s breathe in this darkness,
and breathe out the coming song.

--(co-written with J.M. Hurt)


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