since I asked

~for Joanie
Yes, we know about you, and
none of that matters.
Keep turning over rocks, opening doors.
I have no idea how it works,
no idea if the whole world sees us as kin.
How could she not?
Cut from the same cloth, you and me.
An afternoon breeze,
grateful for easy and what feels good.
Even in black and white,
just to marvel - EXACTLY Wow!

Yes, we know about that,
transforming day to day.
Our generation – once safely chrysalis,
intruding the verges with stray blossoms.
It’s an Aquarius light that breaks into morning,
pull us up into love. Maybe impossible
to plan or know what, or how to enter.
Make it up as we go.  EXACTLY Wow!

Yes, we know about living,
how stumbling brings courage,
to feel takes more.
I have spun the same love deeply.
A dervish planet, and
my pendulum swings,
sometimes widdershins.
When waxing moons get involved,
what is so purely heartache,
rolls up her sleeves,
says less is more. EXACTLY, Wow!

Yes, we know about worry,
how it bounces back, indomitable,
ghost dance of swallowtails,
moonlight on the Mississippi!
The past, a sooty cobweb,
a bit of glisten,
sweetness on the tongue.

Yes, we know about longing,
our compass rose of sleepless nights,
the holy axis of happenstance.
We pitched the red tent ages ago,
now it billows in story.
I have and you have,
if I needed you,
beholding the same humble – same silly – same strength.

Our beautiful bellies – geodesic harbors,
from whence we follow the questions, find the shortcuts.
Hey Sky Woman, Sananda, Laksmi
LOOK, we got this, EXACTLY, Wow!  


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