For Eve

"Happiness exists in action."
- Eve Ensler

Om Pushne Namaha
Salutations to the giver of strength!

She rises spring fed,
bodhisattva brook with vagina,
one of countless cosmic centers
on Earth. Opening her mouth
she births revolution-strong
as good whiskey; her stories
turn hearts to wet nurses.

Om Ravaye Namaha
Salutations to the shining one!

She gathers up in her saffron folds
lost voices exiled to dark ditches
simmers a bruised Juarez, Mogadishu
Islamabad, New York in mauve dawn
inspires every breaking bud to
rejuvenate the ghettos of domestic deserts
with cryptobiotic resolve.

Om Suryqua Namaha
Salutation to she who induces action!

A conspiracy of joyful return rallies
every precious thing to fly away
amassing trust so critical, just around the corner
bringing simmer to boil, dawn to daylight
ruddy candor to fresh intention, and bold
vaginas zigzag together the threadbare, quilting
morale with beautiful herringbone stitches

Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha
Salutations to the golden cosmic self!

sisters mothers
aunts daughters
nieces nuns
all flower
in the song of Eve.


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