The Half Moon Mutiny

It was after the seventh sun salute
when the flow of plank, cobra, dog
lead me to my half moon pose -
it's a stork like posture,
body forms a T - imagine
one leg presses
a footprint into the purple foam only millimeters
away some hardwood pushing back -
and my standing leg has cooperated
dutifully for the first five breaths; but it knows
it is the moon and the sun at the moment,
and just ahead of the sixth breath,
it mutinies! sends a shot over the bow with a warning quiver -
I've got no mind over matter - no pull to convince it
to just stand firm, and what can I do?
I surrender my half moon - retreat to
the safe harbor of downward facing dog -
I'll make peace for that moment and when it
believes it has rallied the rest of my limbs
to go home, I'm quick with a bribe
ginger cookies and mint tea
if we can only get six more breaths
of half moon once again.


blue aisling said…
'Surrender the halfmoon' - that's a wonderful metaphor!!

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